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Same Kind of Different As Me
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Same Kind of Different As Me

A touching and moving drama that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of all who watch.

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Despite being sold as a faith-based drama film, I wanted to see Same Kind of Different as Me because of the touching story it presented with the Christian elements being a nice treat for me after the fact. As long as you enjoy touching and inspiring movies with a great cast, you’re sure to fall for this one as well.

Based on the book by Denver Moore, Ron Hall, and Lynn Vincent that’s also based on real events, the story follows a southern art dealer named Ron (Greg Kinnear) who sadly confesses to cheating on his wife Debbie (Renee Zellweger). This leads them to try to reconcile while spending time volunteering at a homeless shelter serving food. One day as they’re at the shelter, they come across a homeless man named Denver (Djimon Hounsou) who they end up becoming friends with. While Denver is a bit apprehensive at first due to a traumatic past, he slowly becomes a big part of their lives and helps the couple as much as they help him. Along the way Ron and Debbie learn to love each other again while Ron also deals with his troubled relationship with his father (Jon Voight) which teaches all of the characters lessons in love, compassion and forgiveness that are sure to tug at the heartstrings of any who watch.

If you’re a sucker for mushy movies like I am, this film will be a perfect fit for you as it pulls out all of the emotional stops for a roller coaster ride of feels. Some may think it’s a bit excessive at times, and they may be right given it’s box office numbers, but I still found myself enjoying it from beginning to end. Watching it in high definition was nice but also shows the film was made on a budget as the visuals have that clean but low budget look, like a made for TV movie. Even still they serve their purpose well as does the audio side of things. There’s also a few special features to look through once the feels have ended.

First there’s audio commentary from director Michael Carney, writers Ron Hall and Alexander Foard. Here they discuss making the film, the real life story it’s based on, casting the characters and more. “Love is Patient, Love is Kind: The Making of Same Kind of Different as Me” is a nice-sized extra that goes behind the scenes with cast and crew interviews discussing filming the movie, making it come alive, etc. “Filming in Mississippi” cinematographer Don Burgess talks about some on-set locations around Mississippi and what he was trying to bring to the film with certain shots. Lastly there’s some deleted and extended scenes with optional commentary from the director and writers.

If you’re looking for your next mushy drama fix, Same Kind of Different as Me will deliver and then some. It’s a touching and inspirational story based on true events that make this film stand out that much more. Toss in some pretty nice extras that go even further into the movie, book, and real life story, and you have a solid drama that’s a special kind of different.

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