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Sagrada Reset: Complete Collection
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Sagrada Reset: Complete Collection

Resets the anime game thanks to a nice mix of super abilities, cool characters, and romance.

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I’ve seen all sorts of anime in my travels, with a lot of them mixing all kinds of things together. The latest one that works pretty well is Sentai Filmworks’ release of Sagrada Reset: Complete Collection. If you like anime romance along with some super powers thrown into the mix, you’ll want to reset this one a few times to make sure you’re catching everything.

The story takes place in a city by the ocean called Sakurada, where a young lady named Misora Haruki has the special ability to reset time up to the past three days. Turns out this town has quite a few people with superpowers as a young man named Kei Asai also has the power of a photographic memory that allows him to remember everything that happened even when Misora resets things. It isn’t long before the two meet and decide to use their powers together to help others along with other superpowered people doing the same.

But as they use their abilities for good, a shadowy organization that seeks to use people with abilities in Sakurada for their own purposes begins to rise from the background and take over some of these missions Kei, Misora and their friends work on and slowly manipulate them. It’s up to them to find out what this organization is really up to while also helping others, sorting out developing feelings between themselves, and deciding how to best use Misora’s powerful ability.

I didn’t think I would enjoy Sagrada Reset as much as I did, and I’m so glad I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the laid-back, slice-of-life look and feel of the series while also loving the superpowered twist on everything. The characters are also pretty cool and keep you watching as they play off each other well, especially Kei and Misora and their blossoming relationship that always keeps you guessing on where it’s going to go next.

Everything looks and sounds good thanks to the high-definition Blu-ray release, which definitely helps the clean, laid-back look and feel of the show pop out even more. Outside of clean openings and closings, there’s not much in the special features department. Though with 24 episodes playing out across three Blu-rays, the show will keep you busy enough.

Sagrada Reset: Complete Collection is a nice change of pace for those looking for some superpowered excitement to go along with their slice-of-life romance anime. This one has cool characters, an interesting story, and plenty of romance that you’ll find yourself wanting to reset and watch it again and again.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell