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Rusty Rivets
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Rusty Rivets

The whole family is sure to assemble some fun watching this latest Nick Jr hit.

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As if Nick Jr. didn’t have enough fun and educational programs for kids and their families, they have yet another hit on their hands with ten year-old Rusty Rivets and his friends as they go on adventures and solve problems together (with the help of those who watch as well). Now he makes his way to home video for the first time in the aptly titled Rusty Rivets DVD. Featuring eight episodes of DIY (do-it-yourself) fun and adventure, and a sweet bonus PAW Patrol episode, there’s a lot to build on in this DVD.

Our hero Rusty Rivets has the power of imagination and being ever so resourceful with spare parts lying around, so he’s always ready to help others and solve problems to save the day, with help from you and his friends of course. Things kick off with “Rusty’s Rex Rescue” that has Rusty relying on his pal Botasaur to help him rescue a young boy named Liam who is trapped on top of a giant stack of junk. In “Rusty’s Park ‘N Fly” its up to Rusty and his buds to help Mr. Higgins find a way to get his out of control remote control plane back down to the ground.

There’s more adventures just like those that see Rusty and his friends helping others and saving the day that families are sure to enjoy as me and mine did. While I’m way off the age demographic for this show and most Nick Jr. fare, I always have a great time all of their programs with my younger family members.

I have to admit the sound and picture came in pretty good for a DVD, and the only special feature is a bonus episode of PAW Patrol that’s never been released titled “Pups Save a Robo-Saurus”. Here the pups come together to find a robot dinosaur that Mr. Wingnut created named Earl, who seems to have magically come to life on its own. It’s up to them to bring it back home and find out what really happened with it.

With eight episodes and a bonus PAW Patrol one, kids and their families will have plenty of problem solving excitement with the Rusty Rivets DVD. If you’re young at heart and enjoy watching Nick Jr. shows with your family or know some children that do, you’ll want to construct a fun time with Rusty and his pals.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell