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Rugrats: Season Two (DVD)
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Rugrats: Season Two (DVD)

One of the best animated shows keeps getting better in its second season of fun.

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I was already blown away when Nickelodeon released the first season of Rugrats on DVD, but they took it a step further and released the second one as well on the same day with the Rugrats: Season Two DVD set. Packed with even more fun and adventures with the famed babies on four discs, fans and those new to the series will want to pick up this set with the first one for sure.

Nickelodeon knew they had a hit on their hands when they made the first season, so they more than doubled it this time with 52 episodes in the second season. Here Tommy and his friends get into all sorts child-sized troubles and fun, from overcoming fear and learning to use the potty, to seeing their favorite monster Reptar perform an ice show, there’s never a dull moment for our pint-sized heroes as they continue to learn and have fun in the world around them as only a child can.

As with any great series, this second season builds on the already amazing first one and makes the show even better. No matter which episode it is, I always get a laugh from the babies and their innocence as well as their adorable naivete, which is the foundation of why the show is so popular and successful. Prime examples are how they call a Hospital a “Hopsical” or a Sasquatch monster they think is after them is instead called a “Satchmo” (which Louis Armstrong fans will obviously get a laugh from). It’s moments like this that often had me cracking up at the show and will surely have fans and newcomers doing the same.

As with the first season set, this one also lacks any special features. I personally didn’t mind this, as watching hours of this show across four DVD discs was more than special. So if you love the show or watched the first set and can’t get enough, you’ll want to grab a stroller and pick up the Rugrats: Season Two DVD set and crawl in on the fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell