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Rugrats: Season One (DVD)
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Rugrats: Season One (DVD)

One of the best animated shows comes home in a full season of fun and wonder.

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Anyone who had seen Rugrats already knows it’s one of the best shows to come to TV, as it captures the fun and wonder of being a kid and learning new things along the way. I’m glad Nickelodeon has decided to release this epic series into complete seasons starting with Rugrats: Season One, featuring all twenty-five episodes from the first season on two discs you’ll want to watch again and again with your family.

From celebrating his first birthday, to making new friends, Tommy Pickles (E.G. Daily) is always down for having as much adventure as a baby can. He can always count on his best bud Chuckie (the late and forever great Christine Cavanaugh), along with the other kids such as brother and sister Phil and Lil (both voiced by Kath Soucie), and even Tommy’s mischief making cousin Angelica (Cheryl Chase) who helps out every now and then on the many situations the babies find themselves in. What makes the show so fun and interesting is that it really feels like you’re viewing things from a child’s point of view, for example how everyday objects and rooms look so much bigger in the series, and how the babies react to watching TV or movies for the first time. Whatever the case is, there’s always something cool going on for the babies to get into or overcome.

Watching these DVD’s felt like going back in time to when I used to watch these episodes all the time on Nickelodeon back in the day. The visuals and sound are pretty good considering the show is over twenty years old, and they’re shown in their original fullscreen 4:3 ratio. Sadly there aren’t any special features, but the episodes here provide hours of entertainment for those who join in the babies’ adventures.

Fans looking to revisit the past or newcomers that are looking for a fun show to watch with their family can’t go wrong with the Rugrats: Season One DVD set. I’m so glad this set is around to spread the awesomeness of this series to a new generation that’s sure to see why this show is considered to be one of the best out there.

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