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Rocket Girls: Complete Collection
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Rocket Girls: Complete Collection

Those looking for out of this world excitement will want to soar with these girls.

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I’m always down for a good anime drama series, especially when it takes place somewhere you’d least expect. Thankfully Sentai Filmworks has us covered with Rocket Girls: Complete Collection that follows some lovely ladies doing their best to survive getting into space, and will have viewers getting their space gear ready to join them.

The story kicks off with Yukari Morita, a small, young lady that’s been searching for her missing father who disappeared not long after birth. Her search leads her to the Solomon Islands where he was last seen, but she still has no luck in finding him. Meanwhile, the Solomon Space Association has been trying to build a space rocket but has failed many times in doing so. A chance encounter Yukari has with an astronaut from the SSA leads to a deal…they need her small size to be an astronaut for their compact spacecraft, and the SSA agrees to help find her missing dad.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Well she forgot to factor in the crazy astronaut training, and being paired with two other girls, Matsuri who is from the Solomon Islands, and the extremely intelligent Akane Miura. These ladies will have to put their differences aside and pull together to make this space program work, and to finally find Yukari’s missing dad. This is one of those shows that grabbed me from the start and didn’t let go until I finished, as I enjoyed watching these ladies come together and struggle through hardships that try to get in the way of their goals and progress.

It may be true that you’ve seen these anime tropes and stories before, but it’s just something about the series that pushes you to see it through to the end. It doesn’t hurt that it had technical assistance from the JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to make sure it’s fairly realistic, or perhaps it’s the cool artwork and animation, which looks great on Blu-ray, or the crisp audio that draws you in with the original Japanese cast that bring these girls to life.

Whatever the case may be, Rocket Girls: Complete Collection is one you should take a trip to space for. It’s bit light in the extras department with only clean opening and closing credits, but the interesting characters and coolness of space exploration will grab you and keep you strapped in for this rocket ride of fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell