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Robot Chicken: Season Seven (DVD)
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Robot Chicken: Season Seven (DVD)

The stop-motion animated hit returns in one of its best seasons yet.

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Adult Swim has had a huge hit on their hands since Robot Chicken debuted a decade ago, as the show has spawned countless of funny, iconic characters over the years. Most TV series would be running low on steam right about now, but their latest, Robot Chicken: Season Seven, that’s made it’s way onto DVD says otherwise. Containing nineteen episodes plus a bonus Christmas special of some of their funniest material yet on two DVD discs, no one along with pop culture is safe around this show.

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s stop-motion animation hit continues to poke fun at just about anything, from celebrities to pop culture. These episodes to me are some of the funniest I’ve seen from the show yet. Whether they’re making fun of Cobra wanting to make G.I. Joe PSA’s, Baloo the bear being a sleeper secret agent, or giving Bitch Pudding (one of the most vulgar but funny characters in TV history) her own episode special, these guys just keep the laughs coming. As long as you’re not easily offended, you will at some point crack up laughing or be tempted to roll on the floor holding your sides as this show takes comedy to some strange but hilarious places.

For the first time in awhile, this is a DVD only release. So while the visuals and audio are good, it would’ve been nice to see this in high definition. The special features are pretty sweet though, as there’s the 2014 Christmas special episode with some holiday laughs, and some behind the scenes extras where the crew talks about some of their favorite episodes, what goes into making them, seeing the fans at comic-con, and so on. There’s also commentary on every episode, something fans will get a kick out of as it feels like you’re sitting with the crew and watching the show with them.

Robot Chicken: Season Seven is some of the most funny comedy you’ll see this year, again if you’re not easily offended. If you can look past some of the extreme material here, you’ll more than likely find yourself holding your sore stomach from laughing so much. Some pretty cool extras sweeten the deal and makes you almost forgive and forget about the lack of a Blu-ray version. Fans already have this set I’m sure, but those looking for some insane comedy will want to take a bite of this robot chicken.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell