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Rick and Morty: Season Three
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Rick and Morty: Season Three

The Third time’s the charm in one of the best and weirdest animated shows out there.

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Once I got into Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland‘s Rick and Morty, I knew it was going places, but I didn’t expect it to catch on as fast as it did. The show has recently been renewed for not only another season, but for 70 more episodes (which translates into seven more seasons if they keep up the ten per season count). I’m also happy to say that Rick and Morty: Season Three is hands down the funniest and best season yet, as the two characters get into one pickle (pun intended of course) after another with side-splitting laughs not far behind them.

One of the great things I love about this series is how it’s all fun and games most of the time, but will occasionally drop some feels and drama on you as well. Any fan will know exactly what I’m talking about with the finale of the previous season that left fans hanging figuratively and emotionally as we waited for this season to come along that picks up right where things left off. Without spoiling anything, once that situation is resolved, it’s back to the craziness we know and love as Rick and Morty go on one zany adventure after another. Whether it’s Morty having a giant muscle arm that wants revenge for what happened to it, to Rick fighting off the government using every trick in his book, there’s always something nutty and funny going on.

But of course I have to address the elephant in the room with quite possibly the craziest (and most violent) episode yet…Pickle Rick. Rarely has any show’s episode become an internet sensation faster than this one, as Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid going to a family therapy session. He only makes things worse as he falls into a sewer where he fights off rats, roaches, and more while making himself an exoskeleton out of a rat corpse which he then weaponizes to fight off against an assassin and more. It’s just as crazy as it sounds and features some of the most violent action I’ve ever seen, animated or otherwise.

The show looks and sounds perfect in high definition, which makes having the Blu-ray a welcomed plus seeing as the show runs on sight gags and sound for many of the jokes. I’ve always liked how clean and sharp the show looks, and to be able to play that back anytime I want is awesome. As with the previous season Blu-ray, there’s a nice bit of special features to go through, starting with fun audio commentary on all ten episodes by various cast and crew as they share how it is working on the show, awesome anecdotes for certain episodes, and more.

There’s also animatics for all ten episodes as well that show just how much goes into making this series, “Inside the Recording Booth” is one of my favorites that shows hilarious behind the scenes footage of some of the insane vocal talent that goes into the series. Lastly there’s another great extra that goes into the origins of Rick and Morty. Here you’ll get to see how the show started off as a Back to the Future parody titled “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti” to the insane but extremely funny series it is now.

If you’re a fan or just love crazy but funny shows, then hop into your space travel vehicle of choice and pick up Rick and Morty: Season Three on Blu-ray. It’s the best season yet with some of the best special features of the show that’s sure to pickle…er…tickle your funny bone.

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