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Release the Spyce: Complete Collection
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Release the Spyce: Complete Collection

Those looking for cute anime girls that kick butt while fighting evil need look no further.

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I guess it has been awhile since the last time I’ve seen an anime featuring girls kicking butt as spies, well since Sentai Filmworks release of Princess Principal: Complete Collection anyways.

Now the company has another great show like it with Release the Spyce: Complete Collection. If watching cool ladies with even cooler abilities solve crimes and fight all sorts of bad guys (and gals) is your thing, then you’ll want to try out this spicy show.

Momo Minamoto is a typical high school student that does well and dreams of joining the police to honor her father who was also an officer. With each passing day she gets closer to her dream, but things change when she goes looking for a friend that’s missing and gets caught up in something evil that’s bigger than she could’ve imagined. That’s where Tsukikage comes in, a group of young, butt-kicking lady spies with special abilities that become even stronger when the use the power of spices to fight crime and evil wherever it appears.

Of course it isn’t long before Momo joins their ranks, thanks to her keen senses that allow her to smell and see things from great distances. It falls on these ladies to band together and stay strong as they fight off powerful crime syndicates to protect their city of Sorasaki. But as they battle their way through school and their enemies, an organization called Moryo becomes their main enemy with their own super-powered followers that will stop at nothing to take over the city and crush Tsukikage.

It’s going to sound funny, but this anime reminded me of that old show Totally Spies but more serious than cartoony. I had a good time watching these twelve episodes fly by as the characters are cool and make you care about them, and the action is pretty good as well. The high-definition visuals and audio help make an already fun show even better, and there’s some sweet extras such as clean opening and closing animations, some fun animated shorts, original Japanese promotional videos and more.

If cute spy girls are your thing in anime, than Release the Spyce: Complete Collection has you covered going undercover. Fun characters going on one adventure after another while keeping things short but sweet makes for a spicy series anyone can enjoy.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell