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Regular Show: Season 1 & Season 2 (Blu-ray)
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Regular Show: Season 1 & Season 2 (Blu-ray)

A fantastic Blu-ray set containing all 40 episodes from the first two seasons along with enough extras to keep fans entertained for hours.

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Cartoon Network finally brings one of its biggest shows to Blu-ray with the Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons. This 2-disc set contains all 40 episodes from the first two seasons along with enough extras to keep fans entertained and busy for hours, while those new to the show will be yelling “Wooooooo!” in no time.

As with the Adventure Time series I didn’t think much of Regular Show at first, as I (addmittedly) never gave it a chance. But once I did, I was hooked, as it’s easily one of the most bizarre, funny and original shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Enter the lives of Mordecai and Rigby, a blue jay and a raccoon in their early twenties who usually slack off at their job of working at a local park. Things start off normal or “regular” enough while they’re working, from cutting the grass, to setting up the park for a special event. But eventually things take a turn for the weird or supernatural, whether it’s a demonic spirit that’s been set free from an old 80’s arcade machine, to using a magic synthesizer that belonged to a wizard, there’s always something wild going on.

Add in some fun and unique cast members like a walking gumball machine named Benson who is the boss of the park, and a pudgy guy named Muscle Man who hangs with his best friend High Five Ghost who is a ghost with a hand sticking out his head. Rounding out the cast is an older fellow with a lollipop-shaped head named Pops, and a skipping sasquatch named (you guessed it) Skips (voiced to perfection by Mark Hamill) who usually knows everything about everything, normal or supernatural-wise. Most times it’s Mordecai and Rigby who get into trouble and have to save the day, but sometimes the whole group is needed to set things right.

Watching the series is always a blast as its fun seeing the show poke at 80’s pop culture with music, movies and videogames from that era, along with the overall weirdness the gang deals with. And seeing it in high-definition on Blu-ray is even better, as the visuals and audio come in perfectly. I also love how they’re able to cram each disc with a season along with extras without sacrificing quality. And speaking of extras, there’s quite a few here, like audio commentary on all 40 episodes by the show’s creator J.G. Quintel along with cast and crew members that vary on each episode. There’s also interviews, the unaired pilot episode, and cool extras such as original commercials and music videos.

I think everyone should give Cartoon Network’s Regular Show a chance – I’m glad I did as it’s without a doubt one of the most unique and funny shows you’ll find out there. A fantastic place to start is with Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons Blu-ray package. Fans will love watching the episodes in high-definition and devour up all the cool extras, while newcomers to this bizarre animated gem will find plenty to love here and are sure to be yelling Mordecai and Rigby’s favorite line of “Wooooooo!” in no time.

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