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Real Girl: Complete Collection
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Real Girl: Complete Collection

A quirky series that shows just how awkward first-time (or any) relationships can be.

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Most people already know how tough it can be to find that special person in your life to have and to love always. For those who don’t get out much or have little to no social skills, finding love is practically impossible but can happen as we find out in Real Girl: Complete Collection, a nice set of Hoods Entertainment’s anime adaptation of Mao Nanami’s original manga. This one is for all the socially awkward folks out there where sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.

Here we follow the life of Tsutsui, a teen who is one of the biggest Otakus out there who loves being locked away in his room filled with anime, manga, toys and more while avoiding most people when possible. One day he gets punished for being late to school and must now clean up the pool with the lovely Iroha Igarashi, who seems to be the school hottie,and who Tsutsui assumes is like all the other girls that don’t care for guys like him.

Turns out he couldn’t be any more wrong as she takes a liking to him right away, which only increases as they continue to bump into each other at school. The two eventually start dating and of course these dates are made weird and wacky thanks to Tsutsui having zero experience dealing with other people – especially women. Things still manage to go well for the most part despite their differences and problems getting the way, with the biggest one being Iroha having to move far away in half a year. Can they really make this work before she moves? You’ll have to watch for yourself and find out.

Watching this anime was a nice treat seeing that me and some of my friends can relate to Tsutsui and his social awkwardness but thankfully not to the degree he takes it. It was fun and sometimes sad to see the two characters have their ups and downs trying to make their first real relationship work and all of the good and bad that comes with it.

It was nice watching this anime in high-definition on Blu-ray as everything looks and sounds great in this release. The special features are a bit on the light side with clean opening and closing animations, and some original Japanese promotional videos to round out the extras. But that’s about it.

The socially awkward and otakus of the world can unite and have a good time with the Real Girl: Complete Collection set. It’s a quirky and often times funny series that shows exactly how scary and exciting a first-time relationship, or any relationship for the matter, can be. If this sounds like a good time to you, then go ahead and let things get real with this stellar collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell