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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Season One (Blu-ray)
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Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Season One (Blu-ray)

This fun and exciting action/adventure anime series captures what makes the genre awesome.

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Every so often, an anime series will come along that rekindles the fire of the genre. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, The Vision of Escaflowne, Macross 7, Trigun and plenty of others I can name are just some of the ones that come to mind. The Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Season One Blu-ray set might just be another one to add to that list, as the twelve episodes on two discs here are some of the best action-packed fun I’ve seen in awhile.

Taking place in a universe where humans, gods, and demons are together, a fearsome monster known as Bahamut threatened to destroy the world and all of the races that lived there. After putting aside their differences and coming together, the races sealed the monster away and split the key into two pieces, one given to the gods and the other to the demons. Jump ahead two thousand years later to our main character Favaro Leone, who is a bounty hunter that loves adventure and exaggerating his tales to any who listen. Overhearing one of his many boasts at a tavern, a demon woman that just happened to steal the demon half of the legendary key forces Favaro into a contract to make good on his tall tales and help her get the other half. It falls on the two of them and the allies they’ll come across, including a former friend named Kaisar Lidford who is a disgraced knight thanks to Favaro’s antics, to come together on a grand adventure that can save or destroy their world.

Not since Gurren Lagann have I seen a wild and crazy anime adventure like this one. Anyone who knows of that series already has an idea of what they’re getting into here. Weird but awesome characters going on adventures that only the world of anime could produce, makes for a great time to be had by any who watch. Thanks to a Blu-ray release, the visuals and audio are perfect and help to bring this anime to life as only the medium can. When the quest is over (which seems to breeze by in these twelve episodes), there are a few extras such as audio commentaries on select episodes, textless openings and closings, a promo preview for the first episode, trailers and more.

Those looking for a fun action/adventure anime to check out don’t have to look any further than Rage of Bahamut: Genesis Season One. While the goodness seems to end before it begins due to its short length, it’s a great ride while it lasts and will have viewers eagerly awaiting the next season, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, that can’t come soon enough.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell