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Quackerz (Blu-ray)
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Quackerz (Blu-ray)

A low-budget film that’s actually fun and sure to quack your family up.

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I’ve come across some interesting titles in my search for new animated films. The latest one to catch my eye for review is Shout Factory’s release of Quackerz, a low-budget but fun movie that definitely fits the bill (pun intended of course) for a great time with the family, especially since it includes the standard and 3D version on the same Blu-ray disc.

The wild but cool plot follows a group of Mandarin ducks led by Emperor Peng Li (voiced by Enn Reitel) who believes he has to meditate and perform a ritual to make sure the sun rises in the morning every time it sets in the evening. He also knows that his son named Longway (Robbie Daymond) is destined to become the “Sun Duck”, a magical duck that comes along every so often to sacrifice themselves in order to stop the sun from being destroyed. But instead of telling his son this and to keep him from his ill-fated destiny, he keeps Longway distracted with video games in his room to save him. This comes to an end soon enough when their land is invaded by an army of Mallards led by Commander Duckmus (Michael Gross) who has a knack for leading battles but isn’t the brightest bulb out there. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an evil lady named Ms.Knot (Alanna Ubach) who wants to use the power of the sun for her own dark purposes, which leads her to learning about Longway and his powers in order to do that. Luckily Longway has some friends including Duckmus’ daughter named Erica (Andrea Becker) who will need to team together to stop the two opposing duck groups from fighting and to put an end to Ms. Knot’s evil plan.

With fun characters and extremely well done animation, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and how much I enjoyed it. Most times when lower budget, CG animated movies come along, they tend to cut a lot of corners with the animation, voice acting and the overall fun of it. Quackerz seems to have learned from this and has actually broken the cycle to make a movie that’s big on fun without needing a big budget. Besides seeing this in high definition that brings out all of the colors, detail and animation even more, Shout Factory also included the 3D version of the movie on the Blu-ray disc as well. So those with 3D setups can experience an ever higher level of enjoyment watching everything pop out in 3D high definition.

There’s a few extras to check out after the sun sets, such as some select scenes that are shown with storyboards and designs along with footage of the English dub being recorded. There’s also a gallery of concept art along with cool bios for the main characters, and a trailer for the film.

Quackerz is a perfect example of how a fun animated film can made on a low budget without sacrificing everything that makes the genre awesome in the first place. Featuring a cool set of characters, great voice acting, and a weird but interesting story, you’ll want to add this nest egg to your Blu-ray collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell