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Punch Line: Complete Collection
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Punch Line: Complete Collection

Fans of colorful, wacky anime like Fooly Cooly will love this action-packed comedy.

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I remember hearing about the infamous FLCL anime, aka Fooly Cooly some time ago as everyone I knew that saw it said it was one of the craziest shows they’ve seen. Of course I had to see it for myself and it indeed was. Now there’s a new series that’s very reminiscent of it in Sentai Filmworks release of Punch Line: Complete Collection. If you love having your anime colorful, wacky, and filled with risqué humor, then this one’s for you.

Enter Yuta Iridatsu, a young guy just making his way through life when one day the bus he’s riding on gets hijacked, but thankfully the lovely superhero “Strange Juice” comes along to save the day. As with most anime heroines, she happens to be scantily clad and Yuta sees her panties, which grants him super powers to help out. But once he sees them again, a giant meteor crashes into the Earth killing everyone (yeah, it’s one of those ‘don’t ask and just roll with it’ situations).

Thankfully everything resets to before this happens, but Yuta has been kicked out of his body by someone that has taken over, and now he’s a ghost. It’s up to him to find out who is behind this as well as making sure he doesn’t see too many panties, bras, cleavage, etc least the end of the world happen and start all over again. With this being the crazy show it is, there’s also a nice amount of characters to help Yuta in his quest that are just as bizarre as the series is. Yup, you can already tell it’s one of “those” kind of shows, where you leave logic and your brain at the door and go along for the wacky ride.

I’d love to go more into these characters, but this truly is a series you have to see for yourself, as I’d hate to spoil any of the insane comedy they bring to the table. Needless to say they’re some of the funniest I’ve seen in anime and it made me want to binge watch the series just to see what zany stuff would happen next.

This is also a release I’m glad that’s in high definition as the art, color, and animation really pop off the screen and is some of the best I’ve seen in quite some time. The Japanese audio fits the visuals perfectly, and there’s not much in special features except clean opening and closing animations, but the main show is the real bonus here.

Punch Line: Complete Collection is one of the most fun and crazy anime shows I’ve seen, and comes highly recommended for those looking for something different and enjoy off the wall humor and situations. An insane plot, wacky characters, and beautiful art and animation make this one a must-have and must-see.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell