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Psycho-Pass: Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Psycho-Pass: Season Two (Blu-ray)

A dark, violent, and intense cyberpunk series for those who can handle it.

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I’ve been a cyberpunk fan ever since I was a kid and laid eyes on the movie that started it all, 1982’s Blade Runner. It was just something cool about how dark and mysterious the film and its overall look and feel was that just makes people flock to it. The same can be said of 1995’s Ghost in the Shell, a movie most anime fans would say got them into the genre in the first place. Years later, the company behind that film, Production I.G, has produced a series that is just as dark and twisted if not more so in the eleven episodes that make up Psycho-Pass: Season Two. This anime has all the things fans love about cyberpunk, but the feint of heart need not apply.

The story is one we’ve all heard about numerous times, but it’s always fun to tell. In the not too distant future, mankind is being watched and monitored by a “big brother”-like system that looks for people with higher than normal mental problems, aggressiveness and such that would lead to committing crimes and endangering others. This is where the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division comes in, led by Inspector Akane Tsunemori. The group is made up of teams called Enforcers and Inspectors, with the enforcers handling the task of disposing criminals while the inspectors make sure their enforcer partners don’t cross the fine line between good and evil. To further make sure this doesn’t happen, they’re given special guns known as dominators which can read minds, assess the probability that a person will commit a criminal act, and will only fire at that individual. So what happens when some shady enemies find ways around the system and commit terrible crimes? Chaos and then some as Akane and her squad get to the bottom of things which will test the very limits of their skills and resolve.

I knew going in that this series was going to be dark and twisted, but calling it those things is a massive understatement. As I mentioned earlier, those with a weak stomach for violence might not care for the brutal murders and deaths that take place here. If you can handle it though, you’ll experience one of the most unique animes to come out in a while, as it has a great mystery that will drag you in and won’t let go until the very end. The visuals and audio come in great thanks to the high definition release on Blu-ray, which comes in handy when trying to keep up with all the details of the mystery. The extras consist of episode commentaries, textless opening and closing, trailers and more.

If you’re not squeamish and enjoy a good mystery, or if you love dark cyberpunk stories, you’ll enjoy Psycho-Pass: Season Two. A dark, twisted story, cool characters, and plenty of violence all come together nicely and make for a series you’d be psycho to pass on. Sorry, it was there and I couldn’t resist.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell