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Project Almanac (2015)
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Project Almanac (2015)

Teens and time travel come together in this wild ride of a POV sci-fi drama.

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I’m a sucker for hardcore science fiction, as in the kind where if something was done a certain way that it could actually happen. While that only partially applies to the film Project Almanac that has some teens using a time travel gadget to change things in the past, the consequences they suffer for doing so is the real treat of this movie and will have viewers watching until the end.

Things kick off with David Raskin (played by Jonny Weston) trying to get into MIT with a video application featuring an awesome drone he made. Good news is that this gets him in, but the bad news is that he has to pay for his tuition. While looking into some of his deceased father’s engineering projects to use for MIT scholarship material, he finds an old video from one of his birthdays as a kid and sees his current self in a reflection on the recording.

This leads David to discover some time travel plans his father was working on and takes on building it with the help of his friends Quinn (Sam Lerner) and Adam (Allen Evangelista). They finally get it to work and David’s sister Christina (Virginia Gardner) and potential love interest Jessie (Sofia Black-D’elia) bring a video camera and they go back in time. What transpires afterwards is a cool and terrifying trip through time as the gang rights personal wrongs with dangerous consequences following not far behind them.

It wasn’t the best time travel film I’ve seen, but Project Almanac was pretty good. Some of the acting is so-so which is par for the course in these teen-filled movie. But I did get a kick out of seeing the gang use their newfound powers to rectify some of their old problems like getting revenge on a school bully, saying something different to someone, etc., but then having things turn on them in bad ways. As with most Blu-rays the visuals and audio are top notch and pack enough detail to keep you into the wild ride that is this movie.

I was kind of surprised to see there isn’t many special features here. There’s an alternate opening and endings to the film that give a little more insight into the characters and the bad stuff that happens to them, but nothing too amazing. Some deleted scenes wrap up the extras that show off some more little details of the plot but again don’t add anything special.

Project Almanac isn’t the greatest film about time travel antics but it’s not the worst either. While some of the stereotypical / wooden acting gets in the way of things, and the disc could’ve used a few more extras, this is still a pretty enjoyable romp that is well worth time traveling to the nearest store or rental place to check it out.

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