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Princess Principal: Complete Collection
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Princess Principal: Complete Collection

A solid spy anime series you’ll want to go undercover with.

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I have to admit it’s been some time since I’ve seen a good anime series that dealt with young girls going undercover as spies or assassins. So I was more than happy when Sentai Filmworks sent over Princess Principal: Complete Collection on Blu-ray, as it features a solid cast and intriguing stories to make it one of the better entries of the genre I’ve seen.

Taking place in the early 20th century, mankind has come across a powerful material known as Cavorite, which has anti-gravity properties and ushered in a new age of technology for the world such as giant airships and more. Naturally, this brings about wars in where nations fight over it, and Great Britain seems to have suffered the worst as civil war has torn the country in two thanks to the poor and the rich clashing. The poor form the Commonwealth and plan to replace the rich nation’s princess with their spy named Ange who looks nearly identical to her, so they can take back the country.

Ange is also backed up by other spies such as the leader Dorothy who is an expert driver, Chise who is nearly unbeatable with a sword, and Beatrice who is an expert at changing her voice. These girls use their talents to take back the land and complete any mission they’re assigned, all while playing the part of attending school and living seemingly ordinary lives. But things really take a turn when the princess wants to help them in their quest, which leads to a lot of espionage, betrayals, and more as things become complicated and intense.

With a series such as this, I dare not say anymore as you’ll want to see how all of this unfolds for yourself. It goes without saying that a lot of the missions these girls go on can get pretty scary and intense thanks to not knowing who to trust or who’s playing who’s when the bullets start flying. It also helps that the characters are some of the most cool ones I’ve seen in a series, and you’ll find yourself caring for them and wanting them to succeed, which makes it that much more painful when they don’t.

Another plus is the Blu-ray transfer that brings clear and clean high definition visuals and sound to viewers, making the series even more amazing as you’ll feel like you’re part of the action when the explosions and gunfire tear through your screen and home theater setup. There’s a few cool extras included such as the standard clean opening and closing animations, some Japanese promo videos, images, and more to take a look at once you’ve reached the thrilling conclusion of the series.

If you enjoy cute and cool girls going undercover as spies, you’ll want to pour yourself a cup of tea and check out Princess Principal: Complete Collection. A solid cast of characters you’ll care for and cheer on, along with some intriguing espionage action make this an anime you’ll want to be princi-pals with.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell