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Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Complete Season (DVD)
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Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Complete Season (DVD)

The rangers are back in action with this mighty powerful series set.

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Looks like there’s no stopping Saban and his Power Rangers franchise as it’s still going strong and has a big budget movie on the horizon. His latest series comes home in a complete collection with all twenty episodes and two bonus specials in the Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Complete Season DVD set. Fans and those looking to see what all the power is about will want to morph and jump into the action featured here.

As with the previous Power Rangers entries by Saban, another group of teens (or young adults that pass off for teens) has been chosen to become rangers and protect the world from evil. This time said evil comes in the flavor of intergalactic bounty hunter Sledge who wants some mystic gems with incredible powers for himself. Luckily a being known as Keeper kept the gems safe and used some to give the new rangers their powers. So now it falls on them to find the other missing gems and put a stop to Sledge and his minions.

Out of most of the Power Ranger shows I’ve seen, this one was actually not that bad. While I still prefer the look and feel of the bigger and darker film version that’s coming soon, this series has more than enough action and light humor to keep things interesting until the end. With this being a DVD only release, the visuals and audio are good enough to keep kids and those young at heart entertained. Fans will be happy to know as a nice bonus, the Halloween and Christmas specials are included as well to make this a complete package they’ll want to pick up.

If you’re a fan of the Power Rangers or action shows for kids and young ones, you’ll want to hop in your Zord and snag the Power Rangers Dino Charge: The Complete Season DVD set. With all twenty episodes and the two holiday specials included, this is a collection that has the power with plenty to spare.

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