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Pokémon Detective Pikachu
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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Stays true to its source material while having loads of fun in the process.

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After seeing so many films based off video games come and go, I didn’t think the latest one, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, would be any different. I’m so glad our friends at Warner Bros proved me wrong and provided this 4K HDR Blu-ray for review, as it was the best way to experience this fun-filled ride of a movie that you’ll want to grab your Pokéballs for.

Our own Ethan Brehm had a good enough time with this during its theatrical run, and you can take a look at his review for all the plot details and more. I’m here to pick up my magnifying glass and share my findings with my own take on the film while also uncovering the special features on the standard Blu-ray version of the movie that’s also included in this package.

As you’ve already guessed, I had a great time as this captures everything fans love about the game series while also not being afraid to have a ton of fun with it as well. It was awesome seeing all kinds of Pokémon making their way around in the film, whether they were helping their fellow human partners or just doing their own thing. Ryan Reynolds steals the show voicing detective Pikachu, which has him bringing the same wisecracks and deadpan humor he brought to the Deadpool films but scaled down for a more family friendly experience of course. Despite this, I love how he still manages to squeak out a mild swear here and there, and that the companies involved with making the film as well as audiences are perfectly fine with it.

It’s those kind of liberties that serve to make this the best video game film out there, and why it grossed so much money at the box office while raking in more cash on the home video scene. As mentioned earlier, the 4K HDR looks absolutely fantastic as all of the colors and details on the Pokémon come through perfectly, from the strands of Pikachu’s fur, to the rough and scaly hide of Charizard. Of course a great looking picture is nothing with equally great audio, and the Dolby HD here makes sure every Ryan Reynolds quip and Pokémon attack rings through nicely.

As far as special features go, you’ll find a nice amount of them included on the standard Blu-ray version of the movie provided in this combo pack. The biggest one is “Detective Mode” where all sorts of fun pop-up trivia will appear as you watch the film, from the names of the Pokémon that appear, to fun behind the scenes anecdotes. “Creating the World” contains some short featurettes that go into the making of the movie and more, while “My Pokémon Adventure” has Justice Smith giving his take on working on the film and what it was like being in a Pokèmon world.

My personal favorite was “Outside the Actor’s Studio” where Ryan Reynolds continues to channel his inner Deadpool by poking fun at the famous ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ series as he discusses with comedic effect his many thoughts and acting processes to fully become Pikachu. If you’ve seen how crazy Reynolds is when he’s talking to the camera as Deadpool, then you have a pretty good idea of how wacky he gets here.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is sure to restore your faith in believing that good or even great video game films can be made if given the time and care needed to do so. Everyone involved does an awesome job of bringing the world of Pokémon to life while having the Pokéballs to have all sorts of fun with it. Go ahead and give this one a chance, as the good time you’ll have is anything but a mystery.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell