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Peter Pan: Anniversary Edition
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Peter Pan: Anniversary Edition

Fun times and songs abound in this classic that’ll make you fly in delight.

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I have to admit that everytime Disney adds something to the Walt Disney Signature Collection, I get excited. Just in time for its 65th anniversary, Peter Pan: Anniversary Edition is the seventh film to join the list and rightfully so, as it’s one of the greatest and most fun of the Disney classics. If you’re a fan young or old, or if you’re new to Neverland, you’ll want to sprinkle on some fairy dust and fly away on this epic adventure for the whole family.

Still holding on strong since its 1953 release, the story follows children Wendy, John and Michael who are soon met one night by the magical Peter Pan and his small but awesome fairy companion Tinker Bell after flying right into their bedroom. It isn’t long before he talks them into coming back to his world of Neverland, and they’re off thinking happy thoughts to fly away with Peter to this exciting place. Once they arrive, it’s one fun adventure and song after another as they explore Peter’s hideout with the Lost Boys, and fight their way through pirates that are led by the infamous Captain Hook.

I had a great time watching this one again as it’s one of my favorite classics from Disney. It was even better seeing it this time around (outside of the beautiful high definition visuals and sound) thanks to the newly added special features they packed in. Things start off with yet another installment of “Stories from Walt’s Office” that goes into how Walt wanted to include his love of flying into the film and more. One of the coolest extras here is the reunion interview of Kathryn Beaumont (Wendy) and Paul Collins (John) where they discuss working on the movie, how impactful it was then and now, and more. There’s also some new karaoke editions of some of the songs that are now called “Oke” editions of “You Can Fly” and a deleted song called “Never Smile at a Crocodile” that have on-screen lyrics so everyone can join in on the fun. There’s also some other special features from the previously released versions of the film that families are sure to enjoy as well.

The Peter Pan: Anniversary Edition is an absolute delight for families to watch and love together. It has just the right amount of laughs, songs, and adventure as do most Disney classics, and features some new and old extras that makes this release fly right into your heart as well as your movie collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell