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The Perfect Insider: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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The Perfect Insider: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

A slow burning but intriguing anime mystery that rewards those who stay until the end.

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I have to admit it’s been a long time since I’ve watched a gripping, mystery themed anime, as I always enjoy them when I come across one. Luckily our friends at Sentai Filmworks just happened to send one my way in the form of Subete ga F ni Naru, or as it’s called here, The Perfect Insider. The eleven episodes that made up this thrilling mystery aren’t for the easily distracted or bored, but those who see it through will be rewarded with one of the most intense anime experiences out there.

The story follows the lives of a school professor named Sohei Saikawa who teaches architecture, and a student of his who happen to be a math wiz named Moe Nishinosono. The both of them share a great talent and love for solving puzzles, which just happens to come in handy for the murder mystery of genius programmer Shiki Magata who has been sealed off in a lab for years but is found murdered inside as the two attend the place on a class trip. As they do their best to figure out what happened to this fellow genius mind, they will come across all sorts of obstacles from inside themselves as well as some outside forces that will push their skills and lives to the breaking point.

To say anymore would spoil some of the lovely plot twists here, so I’ll just leave it at that. But needless to say there’s a lot of messed up stuff going on and nothing is what it seems as you watch the show unfold. Those you may think innocent often turn out to be guilty or have done some questionable things you never saw coming. That’s what makes this anime stand to me, though I will admit it can be hard to watch at times due to its slow pacing and tons of dialogue that will go over your head more times than not.

Then there’s loads of flashbacks you’ll have to sort through in the right order to fully grasp just what’s happening that may also drive viewers up the wall. Even still, it was a nice change of pace that I enjoyed watching, especially since the Blu-ray looks and sounds perfect. There’s not much in the way of extras outside of the textless opening and closing parts, but the episodes are sure to keep viewers more than busy.

If you’re looking for something different in the anime world to check out or if you like murder mysteries, you’ll want to track down a copy of The Perfect Insider: Complete Collection and get lost in its intricacies. While some will be turned off by its slow pace, flashbacks, and dialogue heavy scenes, those who brave the madness will be treated to a solid thriller that’s sure to change the way they think and see the power of anime in a new light.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell