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Paw Patrol: Marshall and Chase On The Case (DVD)
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Paw Patrol: Marshall and Chase On The Case (DVD)

Nick Jr.’s favorite pups return to save the day in their latest release of adventures on DVD!

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As I mentioned in some of my previous reviews of Paw Patrol, I thought this was one of the best shows to hit the Nick Jr. lineup in quite some time. Now the pups have moved on to their third DVD release in Paw Patrol: Marshall and Chase On The Case that features eight action-packed episodes that not only focus on those two pups, but the whole gang as well.

The adventures kick off with the Paw Patrol having to save Alex when he rides away on his super trike and runs into some trouble in “Pups Pit Crew”. In “Pups Fight Fire”, it’s up to Marshall to rise to the challenge of putting out a fire during the Fastest Fire Pup race. There’s plenty more action and fun in the other episodes as well, such as one having the gang rescue a baby owl and trying to get it back to its mother, and another episode with the team saving their leader Ryder after he tries to help someone in trouble. No matter what they come across, these pups always come through on top.

It was pretty awesome watching these heroes save the day on this DVD. Nickelodeon did a great job collecting some of the best episodes that show off what makes the show so great. Even when the chips are down, the pups always come around and give their all to help others, which is the main thing I love most about the series. Nickelodeon has done a great job with the transfer of the show as always, as everything is presented as good as the medium allows.

Apparently someone at the company must’ve got fed up with my Nick Jr. reviews nearly always stating “sadly there are no special features” as this time there’s one fun extra after the episodes have ended. The extra entitled “Pup, Pup, And Away Video Storybook” is almost like a bonus episode, but is presented as a book which is read with the pages being automatically turned that is a nice treat for kids.

Paw Patrol: Marshall and Chase On The Case is a another fun entry in the Nick Jr. DVD line up that packs plenty of action, adventure and teamwork in the eight episodes included here. Besides the great stories, it was also nice to have a fun extra to go along with them to round out the package, making this a disc you’ll want to rescue from your local store and save for the kids.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell