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Paw Patrol: Brave Heroes Big Rescues (DVD)
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Paw Patrol: Brave Heroes Big Rescues (DVD)

The Nick Jr. pups are back to save the day in another collection of their adventures.

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Ever since the series debuted on Nick Jr., I’ve been a fan of Paw Patrol, as there’s just something cool about it that makes you want to watch no matter how old (or young) you are. Nickelodeon also seems to enjoy the show as much as the viewers do, as they’ve released yet another collection of the pups and their heroic deeds with the Paw Patrol: Brave Heroes Big Rescues DVD. Featuring nearly 90 minutes of edutainment for young and old alike, it’s another great release for families to add to their viewing collection.

There’s plenty of puppy powered action in the episodes featured here, such as in “Pups Save Jake” and “Pups Save the Parade” where Jake and Chase go exploring in a cave which starts out fun enough but takes a turn for the worst when Jake’s ankle gets stuck between some rocks. Luckily Chase and the gang are there to come to the rescue. Then in the second episode, Adventure Bay’s Parade Day seems to be going well until Alex ends up placing too many balloons on Katie’s bathtub float, causing Cali and Chickaletta to fly away to dangerous heights that makes for a job only the Paw Patrol can handle.

“Pups Bark with Dinosaurs” is a fun episode that has the gang checking out a big excavation dig in the jungle along with Cap’n Turbot who is looking for dinosaur fossils. They end up finding more than they bargained for when they dig up some fossilized eggs that hatch into a few baby pterodactyls that cause all sorts of trouble around Adventure Bay. Of course it falls to the Paw Patrol to round them up and find a safe place for them before the town is completely overrun with trouble. There’s a few more episodes featured here that capture just as much fun and adventure as the ones mentioned above, and are sure to have viewers cheering for the pups.

Speaking of featured content, those looking for any extras or special features won’t find any on this release. But thankfully as with the previous Paw Patrol collections, the episodes look and sound great for a DVD release. And with the content running at 90 minutes, it’s just the right length for both kids and their parents to watch together.

The Paw Patrol: Brave Heroes Big Rescues DVD is a great gift for young ones or those young at heart that enjoy watching a simple yet entertaining show. It might be lacking special features, but it more than makes up for it with its special blend of fun characters and exciting adventures that you’ll want to rescue to be with your other Paw Patrol releases.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell