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Outburst Dreamer Boys: Complete Collection
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Outburst Dreamer Boys: Complete Collection

Fans of chunibyo will want to dream with these high school heroes.

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Slowly but surely, there’s a genre that’s been creeping into anime known as chunibyo, aka teenagers with delusions of grandeur. One of the prime examples of this genre is the Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions series I had the pleasure of viewing. The latest one is the Outburst Dreamer Boys: Complete Collection that will have fans of this genre dreaming along with these characters.

Things start off with Mizuki Hijiri transferring to a new high school, where all she wants to do is blend in and get through her studies. Naturally since this is an anime series, anyone considered normal is always prone to abnormal things happening to them, which leads us to the school’s “Hero Club”.

In this club are a few students who think they’re all part of various fantasies, from Sentai Rangers (aka Power Rangers here in the states), to comic book and mythology heroes, this club is obviously a few cards short of a full deck.

It goes without saying that the club takes an immediate interest in Mizuki and tries to pull her into their club and delusions, which she wants no part of. Somehow she becomes part of it anyway and now has to worry about not only her schoolwork, but these idiots and the hilarious problems they make for her and themselves.

I had nearly forgot just how funny and silly the situations from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions were until I saw this series. I quite enjoyed laughing my way through the episodes, for example there’s a part where Mizuki’s eye becomes infected that forces her to wear an eyepatch, and one of the Hero Club members thinks she has a special eye power that hasn’t manifested yet.

It’s moments such as these that will having you rolling your eyes but laughing at the same time, and I’m happy to say all of the eleven episodes are like this. There’s even a bonus OVA for more laughs after the series is done. Sentai Filmworks always does a great job with their releases, so everything looks and sounds great. Besides the OVA, other special features include opening and closing credit scenes, and some original Japanese promotional videos.

If you’re looking for some crazy comedy that only the world of anime could produce, then look no further than the Outburst Dreamer Boys: Complete Collection set. Zany characters that always manage to get into insane misadventures while dragging poor Mizuki into them makes for a hilarious good time anyone is sure to enjoy.

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