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Non Non Biyori: Vacation
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Non Non Biyori: Vacation

The friendly ladies return in a film that’s just as relaxing and cool as the anime series.

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When I reviewed the Non Non Biyori Repeat: Complete Collection four years ago, I had a really good time watching five young ladies living life to the fullest and becoming the best of friends. I didn’t think we would ever get more adventures out of them, but then Sentai Filmworks brings us the anime film Non Non Biyori: Vacation. If you enjoyed the series or fun, relaxing anime movies, you’ll love this vacation for sure.

Taking place not long after the series, these young ladies in the very remote country village of Asahigaoka are finally on summer vacation from school, despite being the only kids there. While they could’ve easily had a fun summer in the village, fate has bigger plans as they win a three-day trip to Okinawa.

With their teacher and the local candy shop owner in tow, these girls are bound to have the best summer of their lives exploring everything they can on their trip, meeting the locals, swimming and more. It’s easy to forget how nice some of these chill anime shows and films are, and I’m glad this one came along as a fun reminder. Sometimes it’s nice to just follow some characters around and watch them live life and have a good time doing so with their friends.

Everything they do from kayaking to making new friends looks and sounds great thanks to the high-definition visuals and audio of a Blu-ray release. Outside of original Japanese trailers and TV spots for the film, there’s not much in the special features department, but the 70 minute film is a treat in itself.

Fans of the series and super easy-going anime will love to getaway with Non Non Biyori: Vacation. It’s laid back fun for all as the loveable cast has all sorts of mild but awesome adventures that’s sure to have viewers planning their own vacation getaways as soon as possible.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell