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Non Non Biyori Repeat: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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Non Non Biyori Repeat: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

A fun slice of life anime that anybody can relate to and enjoy.

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Out of all the anime I’ve seen, slice of life ones seem to always stick out the most. This latest one from Sentai Filmworks, Non Non Biyori Repeat: Complete Collection is another good entry I’ve come across that’s filled with fun, interesting characters and the daily adventures of life they get into throughout the twelve episodes on these two discs. Anyone who enjoys simple and wholesome anime that anyone can watch are sure to love this one.

These episodes are the follow up season to Non Non Biyori, and follow a group of girls made up of different ages from a little girl to a high schooler, and the different things they experience that life throws at them. This plot is made even more interesting thanks to all of them attending Asahigaoka Branch School where they’re the only students as Asahigaoka is a very remote place where technology and stores are sparse. So whether they’re getting ready to celebrate holiday festivities, learning to cook, or just taking in life and being with friends, this is as laid back of a series as they come.

Watching this series reminded me a lot of the anime shows I grew up with back in the day such as The Little Prince or Belle and Sebastian, as it just follows the day to day things of its characters. I liked how technology exists in this series, but it’s rarely used and also how they’re pretty much forced to do old school kid stuff like go outside and play to go on adventures, meet new people and such. It does all of this while looking and sounding great doing so as the high definition transfer is perfect at bringing out all of the details from the visuals and audio. There’s a few extras on here as well such as some bonus shorts,a cast panel video, original Japanese promos clips, and textless opening and closing clips.

Those who enjoy laid back, slice of life anime or shows that the whole family can watch will find plenty to love in Non Non Biyori Repeat: Complete Collection. With lovable and relatable characters, good old fashioned fun that explores the splendor of youth and its ups and downs, this is a great series for anyone and everyone to check out.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell