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No-Rin: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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No-Rin: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

Farm life and pop idols are just some of the strange mixes you’ll find in this wacky anime.

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It looks like there’s quite a few pop idol anime shows out there, as I reviewed the Love Live! series just recently. One of Funimation’s latest releases decides to put a different spin on the whole idol thing by mixing it up with some agricultural goodness in the No-Rin: The Complete Series set. Featuring twelve episodes on two Blu-ray and DVD discs, those looking for something different and zany in the anime world should reap this one for their harvest.

Kosaku Hata is a young man that loves to grow stuff at Tamo Agriculture School he attends. While he enjoys doing that, he’s also the biggest fan of the famous J-pop idol Yuka Kusakabe who just announced she’s quitting her career and seemingly disappears from the world. Devastated, Kosaku quits everything and locks himself away in his room. Some time later, his friends manage to finally get him out of the house and back into his daily routine. This turns out to be even better than expected, as Yuka has transferred to Kosaku’s school under the name of Ringo Kinoshita, giving him the chance to finally meet his hero. The thing is she’s a bit cold and distant, which is the polar opposite of her fun and loveable idol personality. This makes getting to know her rather difficult, but Kosaku is determined to find out why she quit and transferred there while maybe becoming something more in the process.

For a twelve episode anime, No-Rin was a rather pleasant surprise to watch. Despite having a ton of fanservice that ranges from funny to sometimes over the top and disturbing, it has a nice and touching story along with solid characters who are trying to make it through life as best as they can with dark burdens clinging to them. As with a lot of digitally made anime, the high definition visuals and audio of the Blu-ray make every look and sound crisp and clear. There’s also a few extras such as audio commentaries on select episodes, promotional videos and commercials, as well as some trailers for other Funimation titles.

If you don’t mind some twisted fanservice and you’re looking for something a little different in the anime universe, No-Rin: The Complete Series might be what you’re looking for. With a nice cast of characters, touching stories, and some wild comedy, this anime should be more than ripe for any collector’s harvest.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell