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A Very Nick Jr. Christmas (DVD)
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A Very Nick Jr. Christmas (DVD)

A nice Nick Jr collection for the holidays or anytime the magic of the season is needed.

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Nick Jr. always has something fun and educational for children and their families, and their latest DVD release, A Very Nick Jr. Christmas, is yet another great collection of their hit shows just in time for the holiday season. Featuring over two hours of various Nick Jr stars and their respective, holiday themed episodes, this makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or just something to watch anytime kids want the magic of the season.

This DVD collection kicks off with Blaze and the Monster Machines and the episode “Monster Machine Christmas” that has Blaze and AJ helping Santa and his elves get things ready in time for the big day. Of course Crusher has to mess things up for our heroes and ends up scattering Santa’s gifts all over the place, which makes for quite the adventure where Blaze, AJ and even Crusher gather the presents and deliver them before Christmas morning. Shimmer and Shine in “Santa’s Little Genies” features Leah in a bind as she forgot to mail Zac’s letter to Santa. Luckily she has her genie buddies Shimmer and Shine to call on and teleport her to the North Pole where she can hand Santa the letter in person. But when Leah wishes Santa to a tropical island by mistake, it’s up to the girls to save Santa and Christmas.

Dora and Friends: Into the City and their episode “Shivers the Snowman” has Dora and her friends helping out a lost snowman who wants to keep his promise of visiting his friend Carolina. This proves to be a bit of a challenge for Dora and her buddies, but if anyone can do it, they can. Bubble Guppies and their “A Very Guppy Christmas!” episode has Mr. Grouper’s van getting stuck in the snow, which leaves it up to Mr. Claws to come rescue him and the Bubble Guppies. On the way back to town, they get to discover the magic of the holiday and their first sleigh ride. The last two episodes feature Wallykazam in “Wally Saves the Trollidays” were Wally and Norville encounter an Elf named Elfelfa who could use their help delivering a sack of wishes to the Jingle Troll, and “Snow Place Like Home” has Wally and Norville finding a lost baby dragon and helping him find his home.

As I watched this collection with some of my younger cousins, I found myself enjoying these episodes almost as much as they did. It’s good to know that Nick Jr. is still providing educational shows that make learning and having fun…well…fun. While there isn’t any special features included on the disc, with this collection running at 130-some minutes, that should be more than enough holiday magic for any who watch.

If you’re looking for a cool holiday gift for the kids or something they will enjoy anytime, you’ll want to hitch a sleigh ride and pick up a copy of A Very Nick Jr. Christmas. It would’ve been nice to have some extra gifts included on the disc, but with over two hours of Nick Jr. holiday goodness, kids and their families will have plenty to celebrate about with this release.

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