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Nella the Princess Knight
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Nella the Princess Knight

Nick Jr’s newest heroine embraces both being biracial and having all the fun and excitement of their other hit shows.

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Leave it to Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. to continue to provide fun and educational shows for children and families of all nationalities. From Dora the Explorer and Diego, to Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and now the latest which covers biracial families in the show Nella the Princess Knight which also happens to be the name of her debut DVD. Featuring eight episodes with her and her friends helping others and saving the day, this is yet another release any family will want to add to their other Nick Jr DVDs.

The show follows the adventures of eight-year-old Princess Nella (Akira Golz) in the kingdom of Castlehaven where her talking unicorn named Trinket (Samantha Hahn) is her best friend along with Sir Garrett (Micah Gursoy) a young knight who also has his own talking steed named Clod (Matthew Gumley). Nella’s parents King Dad (who is black) and Queen Mom (who is white) rule the peaceful kingdom while Nella and her friends are always exploring the land and helping others along the way. Usually the situation will call for her to transform her outfit into some armor and become the princess knight where she has a sword and shield to help her in her adventures, which range from helping a bashful monster to learn to sing, to finding out what’s causing sleepy dragons to be scared enough to sleep in the kingdom instead of their cave. No matter what the problem is, you can be sure Nella and her friends will solve it and save the day.

Me and some of my younger cousins had a good time watching this DVD, as I had never heard of the series until this release was sent to me. It’s just as great as all of the other Nick Jr shows as it entertains while also educating children on problem solving, being kind to others, and of course singing a fun song or two. With this being a DVD release, the visuals are good but I would’ve loved to see a high definition release, and the audio is spot on for the show’s needs. While there isn’t any special features, the eight episodes on here should be more than long enough to keep kids busy for around 90 minutes.

Kids of any nationality are sure to enjoy Nella the Princess Knight as she fits in perfectly with all of the other Nick Jr shows and their stars. Problem solving skills, being kind to and caring for others, and some cool songs to boot are just some of the fun things children will learn by watching this show. Parents will want to go ahead and mount up on their steed of choice and gallop to the nearest shop to purchase this one, as they’re sure to look like a shining knight to their kids.

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