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Natsu no Arashi!: Complete Collection
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Natsu no Arashi!: Complete Collection

Hot ladies and time travel pair together nicely in this wacky series.

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I’ve seen plenty of cute girls and lovely ladies in anime, and I’ve seen the genre going into time travel, but I haven’t seen anyone pair them together until Maiden Japan sent over Natsu no Arashi!: Complete Collection. If going on a time travelling adventure with some nice ladies in tow sounds good, you’ll want to go along for the ride with this series.

Things kick off with the thirteen year-old Hajime who’s just moved into town. Not long after exploring around town, he meets the lovely Arashi who is a few years older than him. When a burly man starts harassing Arashi, Hajime takes her by the hand and the two magically travel back through time. It’s here that he learns Arashi is a ghost from World War II and can only travel with the help of someone living. Hajime doesn’t believe it at first, but it doesn’t take long for the two to start going on adventures to save Arashi’s friends that died during the war and other eras of Japan, starting with her friend Kaja who also tags along.

At first glance, this show looks to be yet another comedy harem series where a guy gets surrounded by lots of lovely ladies with plenty of sexual humor and innuendo thrown in, and you’d be right for the most part. But in between all of that, there’s some nice dramatic bits that’ll keep you on for the ride as it did for me. It’s also neat to see them visiting different time eras and having adventures there, making it come off as a perverted Doctor Who-like show of sorts.

With this being a Blu-ray release, everything looks and sounds great as you’d expect. Speaking of looking great, while the only special feature is “Close Encounter of the Manga Kind” that shows off the manga page-like end cards of the show, I like how clean and detailed they are. There’s also some previews of other Maiden Japan titles that’s always a fun bonus.

While there is plenty of funny innuendo with hot ladies in Natsu no Arashi!: Complete Collection, there’s also some nice time travelling adventures and drama to go along with it that’s sure to keep viewers coming back until the series is over. So go ahead and grab a time travelling ghost’s hand and come along for the fun, you won’t regret it.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell