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Mysteria Friends: Complete Collection
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Mysteria Friends: Complete Collection

Fans who like their Yuri with a twist of fantasy will want to befriend this series.

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Not too long ago, I reviewed Bloom Into You from Sentai Filmworks that turned out to be a nice little Yuri series that fans of the genre or newcomers could enjoy. Now the latest release from the company, Mysteria Friends: Complete Collection, takes the same easy going feel of that series and mixes in some fantasy elements for a nice twist anyone can be friends with.

The plot follows two young ladies, Anne and Grea, at the famed Mysteria Academy where students go to learn and practice all sorts of magic. As if that wasn’t exciting enough already, Anne just so happens to be a human princess, and Grea is also a princess…and happens to be half dragon to boot. So naturally these two ladies find out they have a lot in common as they go about their studies, hang out and go shopping, and more as they become the best of friends.

But as we know, as time goes on the two become much closer as their own special kind of magic begins to come into play, the magic of love. The two will have to decide on how to go about staying together during their time at the academy as just buddies or something more.

As with Bloom Into You, I thought this series was a nice, short Yuri series that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy while pulling in those new to it as well. I really liked how each episode is short and to the point with little to no filler as to keep the pace going nicely. I also enjoyed how the show plays out like a simple slice-of-life series as one episode will be about the two ladies having tea and talking one day, while another has them practicing magic or going shopping.

As with all of their releases, Sentai Filmworks does a great job with the high-definition visuals and audio on this release as everything looks and sounds great. The special features are light with a video gallery and some trailers for other anime releases, but the short and sweet episodes are special enough.

Yuri fans that want a nice fantasy take on the genre will want to be more than friends with the Mysteria Friends: Complete Collection. The main characters are always fun and exciting to watch as they stumble into their friendship and more while also just going about their day to day lives. Here’s hoping we get to befriend a second season of this magical romance soon.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell