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My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Complete Collection
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My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Complete Collection

A zany look at school clubs and polar opposite personalities make this a fun series to take part of.

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There seems to be a never ending supply of wacky school/slice-of-life series in the anime world, as well as those that take this premise and turn it on it’s head some. One of the latest Sentai Filmworks releases does just that in the My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Complete Collection. Featuring 13 episodes from the first season and 12 in the second in one big collection, there’s more than enough school club fun and madness going around in this series for all to enjoy.

Hachiman Hikigaya is the kind of guy that likes to keep to himself. So much so, he has no friends and also thinks that anyone who likes high school and any of its social structure is either lying or just plain stupid. Somehow he’s talked into joining one of the many clubs at his school called the “Services Club” that’s headed by Yukino Yukinoshita who is stuck on herself big time thanks to her combination of good looks and intellect. Now the series could’ve just stopped right there and had these two bumping heads throughout its run, but nope…there’s more in the form of a ray of sunshine named Yui Yuigahama who loves making friends, cooking goodies, and always being chipper. Toss in some crazy school life drama and the possibility of a love triangle from hell, and you have a zany and fun anime show on your hands.

This one had me chuckling quite a bit as I watch, as it was always fun to see these three going at it in all sorts of fun ways. From trying to work on club projects, to rigging school elections, to confessing feelings and trying to get along, there’s always something crazy and funny going on. I’m also glad to have watched it on Blu-ray as the high definition visuals and audio are easy on the eyes and ears with all its details. As far as extras go, there’s the usual clean opening and closing animations and a few trailers for other Sentai titles.

Those who enjoy school/slice-of-life rom-coms turned on its head are sure to like My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Complete Collection. There’s plenty of zany comedy and funny situations going on here that’s sure to keep any viewer laughing and wanting to see how this complete Snafu turns out in the end.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell