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My Little Monster (Blu-ray)
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My Little Monster (Blu-ray)

A fun anime series for those who enjoy some wacky comedy with their romance.

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I’ve been watching anime for over two decades now and have seen my fair share of romantic comedy titles. While there have been a few that have set the bar for the genre, there are a few honorable mentions that should be talked about. One of those is NIS America’s release of My Little Monster, which is a touching, thirteen episode romance series with some crazy comedic elements thrown in that only the world of anime could come up with.

Enter Shizuku Mizutani, who has become used to growing up without any friends and instead focuses on studying and being the smartest girl at school. Since she’s taken this approach to life, she comes off as really jaded and has a tendency to give her fellow students the cold shoulder. One day Shizuku gets assigned to deliver some homework to a student named Haru Yoshida, who is known for being a jerk and constantly getting into fights at school. Once Shizuku meets him however, she learns he’s really just desperate for friends and is not the mean jerk people make him out to be. So what happens when these opposites attract? You guessed it, a zany entry in the anime rom-com that’s sure to surprise any who watch it.

I had a blast watching the show, as there are a lot of neat, unexpected things going on that kept me watching. Whether it’s Haru and Shizuku trying to get past each other’s barriers in order to get closer to each other, fellow students and friends dealing with their own problems, to a chicken that randomly appears throughout the series and brings all sorts of laughs, there’s always something interesting going on.

Adding to the wow factor is the stunning high definition release of the Blu-ray, which makes the animation and artwork come alive as it should. The original Japanese audio comes through crystal clear and delivers all the jokes and drama perfectly. As far as extras go, there’s the clean opening and ending, and some trailers of the show and other NIS America titles. Our friends at NIS America were kind enough to send us the premium edition set that comes in a nicely detailed, hardcover case. There’s also a full-color, 64-page hardcover art book included that features detailed character bios, an episode guide and full color illustrations that collectors are sure to eat up.

My Little Monster is another great entry in the giant selection of anime romance comedy shows out there, but has more than enough fun stuff to separate it from the rest. Add in some sweet extras such as the lovely hardcase and awesome art book, and you have a great time in a box that any viewer is sure to get their romcom fix from.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell