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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Blu-ray)
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Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Blu-ray)

Another harem series made fun thanks to comedic monster ladies in the mix.

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If you’re an anime buff like me, you’ve seen your fair share of the harem genre. While it was pretty hilarious back in the day with classics such as Tenchi Muyo and Ranma ½, some of the newer ones can be pretty hit or miss. Turns out Sentai Filmworks latest release, Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls is a fun hit, as it mixes things up a little with monster girls that are sure to slither and creep their way into your heart and funny bones.

In a world where demi-human species like harpies and centaurs exist, a young man named Kimihito Kurusu’s life is changed forever when he’s chosen to put up some of them by a government agent, starting with a girl named Miia. She’s exactly what you’d expect from a series like this, she’s as lovely as she is cute and has a crush on Kimihito right off the bat…a crush like a python that is, as her lower half is all snake tail. Things only get more complicated when other monster girls start making their way onto the show and make Kimihito’s life more hectic with all of their weird quirks and freaky abilities. Of course the government frowns on any interspecies relations at first, but then they decide to experiment and let Kimihito choose one to marry. So you can already imagine the craziness that’ll ensue as the girls do any and everything to fight for his attention and love.

Even with having most of the typical anime tropes, I had a good time watching how this one was going to play out. Despite seeing these same kind of things over and over, there’s just something fun about watching the cute but humble girl do their thing, or the one girl that acts all prissy but is really a big softy, and so on. Another bonus to this release is that it’s uncensored, so those who love seeing more will get all they can handle and then some as these girl use all their assets to win over Kimihito. This being a Blu-ray release, everything looks and sounds great here which is always a plus to me when watching animation. There’s also a nice amount of extras featured here such as the clean opening and closing scenes, some sweet bonus OVA’s and shorts, music videos, as well as some original Japanese TV spots and promos videos for the series.

Those who love harem anime shows will want to make a date with Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls. Even though you’ve seen anime like this before, it still has enough monstrous comedy to keep fans and possibly newcomers entertained which its uncensored antics. Just be ready if Miia has a crush on you, as it might be the last thing you see or feel.

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