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Mitsuboshi Colors: Complete Collection
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Mitsuboshi Colors: Complete Collection

A fun and cute anime series that young ones or those young at heart will love.

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There’s always something cool about animation trying to capture the joy and imagination of children. I’ve always been a sucker for animated films and series doing their best to show bits and pieces of what it’s like to be inside a child’s mind. Leave it to the world of anime to make a fun little series that gives us a look in Mitsuboshi Colors: Complete Collection. If you’re looking for a series that’s light and fun for all, you’ll want to see what the colors gang is up to.

In their sleepy little town, three girls named Yui, Sat-chan and Kotoha decide to form a mystery solving group called “Colors” to tackle all of the small problems adult and even the local police overlook. From searching for missing things, to a cat that supposedly steals stuff from people’s homes, these girls are always on a case for adventure and helping others.

That’s not much more outside of that, but it’s okay as you can clearly tell after watching an episode or two that this show is all about light-hearted fun for all with little rhyme or reason outside of presenting cute, little adventures to enjoy. I found myself slowly getting addicted to watching these girls solve small problems for people in their town while getting a few laughs as they clash with the local police who tries to keep them out of trouble but causes plenty for the girls and their investigations.

Things look and sound great thanks to the Blu-ray release, as the visuals and audio comes through nicely. The special features are just as light as the show, as there’s only clean openings and closings. It would’ve been nice to have had some others to go along with these, but the series is special in itself.

Mitsuboshi Colors: Complete Collection is a fun, light-hearted anime for young ones or those young at heart. This show ensures that watching cute girls going on even cuter adventures to help others in their town while bickering with the local police is sure to make anyone’s day more colorful.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell