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Bring the popcorn for this wild ride with loads of dark humor for any who dare take it.

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Ever since I saw Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead, I knew he was a great actor that was going places. Sadly his character left the show in a horrible fashion that drew loads of ire upon the hit series, but it opened the door for even better roles for him to take on, most notably voicing Keith on Voltron: Legendary Defender which quickly became a fan favorite (and one of my own). Yeun’s next big thing might be the most zany and crazy part he’s ever done in the hit dark comedy, Mayhem. While it does get pretty violent and bloody, some spot on performances by Yeun and Samara Weaving along with loads of dark humor make this low budget hit an instant classic.

The plot follows Derek Cho (Steven Yeun), a young lawyer just trying to make it through his job and through the day. This all takes a turn for the worse in so many ways when he’s setup to take the fall for an upper management mistake and is fired. Just when he’s about to leave, a deadly virus breaks out that pushes people to give in to their darkest impulses, which forces him to stay locked in the building during the quarantine. Of course it isn’t long before he and most of the workers become infected, and he decides to use this newfound apathy to survive and fight his way to the upper level where he hopes to take out the supervisors that fired him. Aiding him in his quest is an infected former client named Melanie Cross (Samara Weaving) who also wants some revenge, and the two run into one comedically violent situation after another that will push their impulses and bodies to the limit.

I’ve had my eye on this movie for quite some time, and I’m glad to say it more than lived up to my expectations. It’s easily one of the craziest movies I’ve ever seen, and one of the most fun movie rides I’ve been on. I found it both disturbing and funny how director Joe Lynch keep the thrills and kills fresh as Derek and Melanie make their way through the office building. Thanks to the 4K UHD Blu-ray, everything looks and sounds pretty good, though I was surprised and saddened that this is the first 4K Blu-ray I’ve come across that doesn’t feature HDR color. I wish I knew why they opted out of using it, but it doesn’t hurt the visuals really. There’s also not a lot in the way of special features, but what’s here it pretty neat, starting with audio commentary featuring director Joe Lynch, director of photography Steve Gainer, and editor Josh Ethier. It was nice hearing them discuss how they went about making the movie, filming certain shots, making the most of the production and so on. “Creating Mayhem: The Making Of The Film” is exactly that with behind the scenes footage. Interviews, and more detailing the making of the move.

If you’re looking for something extremely crazy and off the rails to watch, you’ll be hard pressed to find something zanier than Mayhem. It’s one of those films that just comes racing at you with dark humor and bloody violence that doesn’t let up until the end credits. It would’ve been nice if HDR were included on this 4K movie, but it still looks and sounds great for anyone wanting to leave their cares (and control) behind and have a crazy good time.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell