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Max and Ruby: Sweet Siblings (DVD)
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Max and Ruby: Sweet Siblings (DVD)

Nick Jr.’s favorite bunny siblings hop their way to another fun collection of episodes!

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Max and Ruby, based on Rosemary Wells’ classic children’s books, is easily one of the most recognized and popular shows on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. lineup. Who can resist the charm of seeing a bunny brother and sister have one fun mishap after another as Ruby does her best to look out for her younger brother Max with often funny results. That’s why Nickelodeon has gathered twelve episodes focusing on the duo and the mishaps that bring them closer together with the Max and Ruby: Sweet Siblings DVD, which will make both fans and newcomers hop with delight.

The title of this release fits the mark perfectly, as Max and Ruby really are sweet siblings despite Ruby wanting to do one thing while Max wants another. Such as in the episode “Ruby’s Spa Day” where Ruby and her friend Louise set out to have a quiet day at the spa, but Max has other plans with a new drum that he insists on playing as loud as he can. Another example of their sibling rivalry appears in “Engineer Max” when Ruby wants the two to go to their Grandma’s house for a special surprise, but Max would rather ride on the toy train at the local store. Speaking of trains, there seems to be quite a few episodes about them throughout the DVD that has Max either playing with one or wanting to ride on some, all with Ruby not far behind to help make things right.

It was fun seeing Ruby and Max doing their best to get along and compromise on things in this collection. It’s good to know that simple, wholesome shows like this still exist among some of the newer, fancier programs out there. Nickelodeon did a great job making sure everything looks and sounds great on the DVD, but as with many of their other releases, it lacks any kind of special features or extras. But with the twelve episodes totalling to around 95 minutes, that should be enough to keep children and their families entertained.

Max and Ruby: Sweet Siblings is another great Nick Jr. DVD to add to your child’s collection (or anyone young at heart), as the twelve episodes featured here will show viewers the fun and pains of a brother and sister growing up and closer together. It would’ve been nice to have an extra or two here, but this collection is sure to hop it’s way into your heart.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell