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Maken-ki! Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Maken-ki! Season Two (Blu-ray)

Funimation provides a fun treat for fans of the harem genre and fanservice.

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Thanks to our friends over at Funimation, I’ve been able to check out and catch up on some of the latest and wildest anime out there. Their newest release, Maken-ki! Season Two is by far one of the wackiest titles I’ve seen in awhile with ten episodes and a bonus OVA that is sure to provide laughs and more for those who need their harem and fanservice fixes.

The story follows a young man by the name of Takeru Oyama and his adventures at Tenbi Academy, which used to be an all girls’ school that recently became co-ed, much to Takeru’s joy as he wants to be with all the ladies he can. He learns however that it’s really a place for special people with magical elemental abilities and weapons known as Maken, something that he has as well and must learn to use it if he wishes to survive the madness of the fighting women there. These are no ordinary ladies though, as they just happen to all be well endowed all around and tend to lose much of their clothing during battle, which is a plus to Takeru until some of them take an interest in him for better or worse. Now it’s up to him, his childhood friend Haruko Amaya and some of his schoolmates to fight off those who use their abilities for evil, along with other crazy things that come up, such as panty thieves or planning cosplays that will push their powers and hormones to the limit.

I’m usually not a big fan of the harem genre, as I’ve seen my fair share of it back in the 90’s when I really got into watching anime. But I have to admit this one was pretty fun and interesting to watch and made me want to see it through until the end, despite the plentiful shots of panties and jiggling, over-sized breasts the series constantly throws at you. The high definition visuals and audio make everything look and sound great, and there’s a few special features to check out after the battle. There’s audio commentaries on select episodes, the bonus OVA episode that follows the second season, original Japanese commercials, trailers and more.

If you love harem anime with more than plenty of fanservice, you’ll want to battle your way to a local store and pick up a copy of Maken-ki! Season Two. There’s more than enough top-heavy ladies, panty shots, and pretty cool characters having misadventures to scratch your itch and may lure newcomers over to take a peek at these ladies.

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