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Maid-Sama!: Complete Collection
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Maid-Sama!: Complete Collection

A fun rom-com anime that serves up feels and laughs for all.

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I’ve seen plenty of the comedic romance anime titles out there, and the latest one to come my way is Sentai Filmworks Maid-Sama!: Complete Collection. If you love maid outfits and touching romance with funny and serious moments mixed in, then this series is custom “maid” for you.

The plot follows the life of Misaki Ayuzawa, a strict, no-nonsense teen who’s fought hard to become the the first female student council president in a school that just recently switched from an all boys one. Thanks to her feisty attitude and being able to keep pervy boys in check with her Aikido, she’s quickly known as the “Demon President” and is feared by all.

But it turns out this demon has a devil of a secret, she works part-time at a maid cafe and dresses the part, thanks to her father landing her family in debt. Needless to say if this secret were to ever get out at school, her life there would be over. This is where Usui Takumi, the most popular guy at school, comes into the picture. He just happens to visit the cafe one day and bumps into Misaki, and yup, the maid gets made.

He plans on using Misaki in and out of school in exchange for his silence, rather it be for school related things to keep him at the top, or taking advantage of the maid cafe, something she’s not too happy about. As things go on, Misaki and Usui’s love/hate relationship slowly turns into something more, but can the two of them handle school, crazy situations, and their emotions long enough to find out what comes next?

While I’ve seen anime similar to this one, I still had a fun time watching how each episode played out as it was always a good time seeing how Usui was going to use Misaki for something and how long would she would put up with it. It was great watching it unfold in high-definition thanks to the Blu-ray capturing the visuals and audio perfectly. The special features are light with clean opening and closing animations, though there is a bonus OVA thrown in with the 26 episodes that’s a nice treat.

Maid-Sama!: Complete Collection is a fun time for anyone that enjoys romantic comedies, and cute ladies in maid outfits. The two lead characters are always great to watch, and the side ones help flesh out the zany plot even more. Give this show a try, as it might be one of the funniest rom-com animes ever “maid”.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell