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Octavia Spencer shows off her scarier side in this freaky thriller.

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Ever since I really took notice of her in The Help, I’ve been a fan of Octavia Spencer as it seems she’s amazing in every role she plays. While we got a small glimpse of it in The Help, she really lets her dark side go wild in Ma that makes its way to home video. Fans of Blumhouse thrillers such as Get Out and Us are in for a scary and disturbing treat that’s sure to keep you glued to your seat or cowering behind it.

Popzara’s own Ethan Brehm got a few chills from this one at the theaters, and you can head over to his review for the plot details while I go into my take on the film and the special features here. I really enjoyed the performance Spencer gives here as it’s clearly one of her best. It’s cleverly creepy how she captures the sweet, kind and fun side of Sue Ann that leads to more frightening emotions and actions down the road.

The rest of the cast makes it where you’re glad she’s in this movie, or else it would probably not be worth watching as they’re nowhere near her in the talent department. Don’t get me wrong, as everyone can’t be superstars, and they do enough to get by, but that’s about it. As least the visuals and audio are great on Blu-ray and help absorb you into the thrills and chills, and I’m sure they’re even better on the 4K release.

Once the thrills are gone, you can take a look at the special features starting with an “Alternate Ending” that shows how things could’ve ended differently, while a few deleted scenes shows you what ended up on the cutting room floor. “Creating Sue Ann” is a short but fun extra where Octavia Spencer talks about getting into her dark character with some of the cast and crew chiming in on how great she does, and “Party at Ma’s” has the cast and crew discussing the making of the film with some behind the scenes footage thrown in for good measure.

Ma is yet another freaky thriller from the folks at Blumhouse that’s sure to please fans of the company and the genre. Octavia Spencer steals the film and everyone involved knows this, but they do their best to keep up with her and her amazing performance. If you like being freaked or creeped out, you’ll want to pay this one a visit, though it might have you running back to your mom before long.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell