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Lucky Star: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
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Lucky Star: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

A hilarious and wacky anime that has fun with itself and any who watch.

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While they’re usually not the most exciting kind of anime to watch, I do enjoy my share of slice-of-life series that focus on pre-teens and teens making their way through school and life. Every so often, an anime will come around that takes this normally mellow setting and shakes it up to insane levels, as with Funimation’s release of Lucky Star: The Complete Series. Throughout twenty-four episodes and an OVA, there’s plenty of laughs and drama for any viewer out there.

Konata Izumi is a young girl who is obsessed with anime, manga, and online games, and would rather do any of those things all day instead of doing any school work. Whenever she’s not doing any of those things, you’ll find her thinking about random stuff and talking with her friends about some of the strangest things. Throw in the fact that her friends fit most of the anime tropes out there such as the cute and smart friend, the one who acts tough but is soft, and so on, and the stage is set for a slice-of-life series that may seem small plot-wise, but is big on fun.

That’s exactly what makes this series such a blast, as it just focuses on four young girls just trying to make their way through the school year and life in general, with plenty of jokes, gags, and laughs thrown in of course. Thanks to Konata and her laziness along with her friends trying to pursue their own goals, all sorts of adventures and mishaps come their way. Whether the show pokes fun at other anime, or Konata finding out one of her teachers plays the same online game she does, the girls going on summer vacation together, or touching moments such as Konata and her father talking about her mom who died not long after she was born, there’s always something interesting to keep you watching at what unfolds.

Thanks to the Blu-ray release, everything looks and sounds great here, which makes getting into the show even more fun. There’s also quite a bit of extras to sort through both while you’re watching and after. One of the coolest features is the On-Screen Text Reference Guide that helps whenever Konata brings up stuff that might fly over viewers heads. There’s also an image gallery, promo videos and cast interviews that are always fun to check out.

Lucky Star: The Complete Series is a quirky and fun anime series that just about anyone can enjoy given the chance. A nice cast of characters and the sometimes wacky and other times dramatic adventures they experience makes for some interesting viewing you’ll thank your lucky stars for.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell