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My Love Story: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
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My Love Story: Complete Collection (Blu-ray)

A great and touching romance anime that takes the gentle giant trope to new heights.

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I remember wanting to see this anime series when I first learned about it, as I being a fairly tall and misunderstood gentle giant myself could obviously relate to it. So I finally got my chance thanks to our friends at Sentai Filmworks to view My Love Story: Complete Collection on Blu-ray. Collecting all twenty-four episodes on three discs, this is a fun and very touching anime for romance genre lovers or those who just want to watch something that makes you feel good.

At first glance, our main character Takeo Goda looks like the stereotype of all musclehead stereotypes in anime. He’s big, oaf-ish looking, and a master of sports and anything physically intensive. But there’s way more to him past all of that as he’s one of the nicest, most gentle people anyone could know (sounds like a certain werewolf I know, lol). Most times he’s hanging with his best bud and all around pretty boy, Suna, who tends to get all the ladies they come into contact with. One day a cute young lady named Rinko is being harassed by a pervert and Takeo comes to her rescue by chasing the guy off, for which Rinko is truly grateful. So grateful in fact, that she goes out of her way to find Takeo who is hanging with Suna, but he’s thinking she’s after Suna like most of the girls. But when she declares she wants Takeo to be her boyfriend, everyone’s life gets turned upside-down as one mishap and romantic adventure after another happens for the new couple as they try their best at the game of love.

To say I enjoyed this series is an understatement, as it’s one of the best romance ones I’ve seen in a long time. Though it’s filled with just about every trope and cliche in the anime book, the way it puts them together is very well done and believable (well as believable as an anime show can be anyway). The characters are fun and interesting and voiced well in the both the Japanese and English dub (which dubbing is rare for a Sentai Filmworks release, so that shows you how big a deal this series is), and everything looks and moves well too. These things are made even better thanks in part to viewing this in high definition that brings out the visuals and audio nicely. There’s not much in the way of special features outside three textless openings and the textless closing, but those who view the series will find it to be more than special in itself.

The My Love Story: Complete Collection Blu-ray is a series I highly recommend if you love romance-comedies, or if you’re just looking for something that’ll make you feel good as you watch, and especially afterwards. Fun and interesting characters getting into all sorts of crazy, romantic mishaps take the stage in this touching series that you’ll want to take out on a date quite often.

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