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Love Live!: School Idol Project Season Two (Blu-ray)
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Love Live!: School Idol Project Season Two (Blu-ray)

NIS America gives us more cute girls singing even catchier songs this time around.

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I didn’t think I’d enjoy the first season of Love Live as much as I did, but I’m glad to have had the opportunity to check it out thanks to our friends at NIS America. With a series this popular, it only made sense to keep it going with another season, which brings us to thirteen more episodes on two Blu-ray discs in the Love Live!: School Idol Project Season Two set. Featuring even more young ladies battling for being the best school idol, along with preparing for the future, this season builds on the first to be the best one yet.

Things pick up not long after the first season and has Honoka taking over for Eli as student council president, with Umi and Kotori assisting her. It isn’t long before the announcement for the next Love Live competition is out and states it will be on a larger scale than last year’s. So it’s time for the gang to put on their cute idol outfits and go back out there right? Well it seems like Honoka doesn’t want to enter Love Live, having saved the school and moving past the idol thing and all. But when she learns that she and her friends are all graduating this year, and this will be the last time they can sing together, you can rest assured the gang is getting back together for more J-pop idol and school life drama than you can shake a microphone at.

As with the first season, I quite enjoyed this one as it’s even more jam packed than the first, thanks to having the characters already being established and such. The artwork, animation, and audio are still top notch and a joy to watch in high definition. Another reason this season is packed is due to our buddies at NIS America sending over the Premium Edition of season two, which has a healthy amount of extras that will keep viewers and fan busy long after the series ends.

I like the premium hardcover slipcase that the set comes in, as it’s covered in cool artwork. When I first received it, I was wondering why the box was more wide than it is high, and that’s because there’s a sweet full color, nearly 11″ x 7″ 28-page hardcover art book inside. This book features an episode guide, character bios and info, and of course beautiful illustrations littered throughout. The on disc features are basically the same as the first season, with the clean opening and ending, Original Japanese trailers and TV spots, etc., but the sweet hardcover slipcase and artbook are hands down the best extras here.

Love Live!: School Idol Project Season Two takes the drama and fun from the first season and builds on it to make this one even more exciting to watch. A cute, loveable cast, great artwork, animation, audio, along with a cool story make this one of the more fun anime shows you’ll find out there. Throw in the sweet extras of the premium edition, and you got a must-have set that will take center stage in your collection.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell