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Love Live: The School Idol Movie (Blu-ray)
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Love Live: The School Idol Movie (Blu-ray)

A fun film follow up to an equally awesome anime series.

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If you check out my review of the Love Live anime series, you’ll see that I enjoyed it quite a bit. So when I heard our friends at NIS America were going to release the follow up film to the show, I couldn’t resist requesting it. Here we are five months later with the Love Live! The School Idol Movie, which captures the excitement and hopes of our young leading ladies as they pull off their biggest concert yet.

Taking place not long after the events of the show, the girls are still the champions of the school idol tournament after defending it many times. Now that most of them are seniors, they sadly plan to dissolve the group after they graduate and move on to what the future has in store for them. Before that happens, they’re invited to big event in New York that will pave the way for the next Love Live. As the nine girls visit America and have fun exploring a new and unfamiliar place, they’ll also have to decide if they truly want to stay famous living the idol life and continue inspiring others or give up their fame forever.

It goes without saying that I enjoyed this movie, even though it’s a bit more of the same from the series. Not that’s a bad thing, as I loved watching these young ladies come into their own and showing the world what they’re made of while also sorting things out for themselves. With this being a movie, the bigger budget means better artwork and animation that really comes through in high definition here. The audio is great and a must, seeing that the show focuses on the girls singing. The English and original Japanese audio tracks are both well done and succeed in bringing the characters to life.

To make things even better, our friends at NIS America sent me the premium edition of the film to review. This awesome looking set comes in a beautiful hardcover slipcase, and includes a hardcover, 24 page art book filled bios on the ladies and wonderful full color images that fans will love. The extras on disc are a bit light, having only the clean closing credits and original Japanese promos, but all is well if you’re lucky enough to score the premium version.

Love Live: The School Idol Movie is a fun movie for fans and those who enjoy slice-of-life anime with lots of cute girls singing equally cute songs. It definitely pays to at least have seen the show to really enjoy this, as it’s a nice way to wrap up the original series while paving the way for the new one, Love Live Sunshine, that’s currently airing in Japan. If all of this sounds good to you, then grab your microphone and take the stage with this movie in hand.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell