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The Loud House – Season 1 Volume 1 (DVD)
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The Loud House – Season 1 Volume 1 (DVD)

One of Nickelodeon’s newest shows is also one of its most fun for all.

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When I first received the 2-disc DVD set of Welcome to The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 1, I didn’t know what to think of it upon looking at the cover. Being a huge fan of animation and Nickelodeon though, I knew I had to give it a chance and see what it was all about. This is a perfect case of seeing something new and unexpected that turned out to be a blast, as I enjoyed these twenty-six episodes (thirteen 22-minute episodes broken into two, eleven minute ones) that are full of comedic fun for the whole family.

Taken from creator and executive producer Chris Savino’s life of growing up in a family of ten kids, The Loud House follows the life of Lincoln Loud, the only boy in a family of eleven children. One can already imagine the craziness that comes with living among ten sisters that range from a baby to a teenager that’s constantly on the phone. Throughout the show, Lincoln is always trying to stay a few steps ahead of his sisters to try to do things he’d like to do, such as spend an afternoon playing video games while keeping his sisters away from the TV, to reading comics in his underwear (don’t ask). Thankfully he has his best friend Clyde to help out when things get too hectic, but it doesn’t help that Clyde also has a crush on Lincoln’s oldest sister, which always leads to comedic antics as he tries to impress her.

No matter what the case was, from Lincoln trying to get the best seat in the van for a family road trip, to getting his sisters together for a family photo, I had a great time watching all of these funny misadventures unfold. For a DVD release, the visuals and audio come in really well, though I would’ve loved to see this released on a Blu-ray set (keeping my fingers crossed Nickelodeon) in high definition. There’s nothing in the way of special features or extras in this set, but the hours of zany fun Lincoln and his family get into is more than enough to keep viewers busy.

If you’re looking for a simple and cool show that anyone in the family can enjoy, Welcome to The Loud House: Season 1 Volume 1 will fit the bill nicely. It’s great show filled with laughs, misadventures, and even some touching family moments here and there. So pick this one up and get ready for your place to become a loud house of fun.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell