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Liz and the Blue Bird
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Liz and the Blue Bird

A touching anime film that plays the right notes on your heartstrings.

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Not long ago, I just reviewed a moving anime film called of A Silent Voice that was one of the most deep movies I had seen in some time. Then I learned the some of the people behind it had another film that just came to Blu-ray titled Liz and the Blue Bird. If you’re into anime movies that touch on teens going through slice-of-life pains in high school, then you’re bound to enjoy the melody of this film.

Two very close friends named Mizore and Nozomi are in the last semester of high school, where the unknown future is just around the corner for them. The two share a love for playing in the school band, and since they’re so close, they are chosen to play an important musical piece called “Liz and the Blue Bird” that requires perfect coordination between the two that play. This seems like a great idea at first, but as their last school days come to a close, secret feelings between the two begin to emerge that has one not wanting to leave the other, which just might ruin their upcoming performance.

What makes the story ironic is that the music piece is also about a girl not wanting to let go of her beloved blue bird. So while their story is being told, we’re also treated to a story within a story as the music piece is acted out in a magical, fantasy-looking setting. I really enjoyed seeing the two narratives intertwine with each other as the young ladies sort out their feelings and what the future holds for them. I could try to go more into it, but that would spoil the film as it’s a wonderful story that needs to be experienced.

Being an animated feature film, everything looks and sounds great on Blu-ray, as the art and animation comes to life as does the magical music and dialogue. I was surprised there wasn’t any special features included, such as cast and crew interviews, promotional videos, etc. But Liz and the Blue Bird is an amazing treat in itself and should be watched by anyone who loves a touching anime film that pulls on the heartstrings.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell