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Lego Nexo Knights: Season Two (DVD)
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Lego Nexo Knights: Season Two (DVD)

The Lego series continues to build even more action and adventure this time around.

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Mixing just the right amount of action, adventure, and humor, I felt the first season to Nexo Knights was a pretty fun and funny series for all ages. I’m glad to say the series was renewed for a second season, which brings us to the Lego: Nexo Knights: Season Two DVD set that contains another ten exciting episodes on two discs that picks up the pieces from the previous season and builds on it for an even better one.

Picking up not long after the events from the first series, the Nexo Knights are still fighting against Jestro and the dangers from the Book of Monsters to protect the kingdom of Knighton. This won’t be easy as Jestro and the book grow more powerful by the day, which forces our heroes to return to the knights academy to train and perfect their powers to stand a chance. It’s not all gloom and doom though, as there’s always room for a bit of comedy as one episodes has the knights attend a comic book convention with the zany results you’d expect from a Lego show. Then another has them trying their hand at a chili cook off that goes disastrous, as well as another where they try to fit in at a special gala. Whatever the case may be, you can count on plenty of action, adventure, and humor to piece themselves together to build one crazy episode after another.

As with the first season, I enjoyed seeing this one as you can feel the progression the heroes are making as well as the villains they fight against. I also liked how things seemed to get darker and tad more serious as the series drew closer to the end. With this being on DVD, the visuals and audio are pretty good given the medium it’s on. Also as with the first season collection, there’s a lack of special features, but the ten episodes should suffice for any who watch.

Lego Nexo Knights: Season Two is another great series in the franchise that fans or anyone young and old can love. While it would’ve been nice to see it released on Blu-ray and have some special features, it has all the right pieces in place with its action, adventure, and plenty of humor to pull in anyone willing to give it a look and get lost inside its Lego built walls of excitement and laughs.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell