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Lego: Nexo Knights: Season One (DVD)
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Lego: Nexo Knights: Season One (DVD)

Another animated Lego series with all the right pieces for fun.

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After all these years, I’m so glad Lego is getting the popularity it deserves while venturing out into endless films, games and shows. One of the latest TV series based on a new toy line from the company making its way to DVD is the Lego: Nexo Knights: Season One set. Featuring all ten episodes of the season where the past and future collide, it’s another show that builds (yup, pun intended) on what makes the franchise so great.

Taking place in the kingdom of Knighton where medieval times and technology exist together, the evil court jester named Jestro wants to take over the kingdom and steals a book filled with terrible power called the Book of Monsters. With this, he summons an army of lava monsters to destroy and take over the land. Of course the good people of Knighton aren’t going to let this happen, so five young knights named Clay, Aaron, Lance, Macy, and Axl rise up to fight back. They’re aided by a holographic wizard named Merlok who gives them technology from laser lances to mechanically controlled swords to fight off Jestro and any evil that’s out there.

Anyone who enjoys Lego animated shows such as Ninjago or The Freemaker Adventures are bound to love this one as well. Even if you’re not a fan of those and just looking for something light and fun to watch, this will fit the bill nicely. As with the other Lego shows, this one is filled with plenty of comedy with just the right amount of action to spice things up to keep kids and those young at heart into the series. For a DVD release, the visuals and audio come in pretty good, but sadly there’s a lack of any special features or extras. Even still, the ten episodes spread out on two discs are special enough in the own right, and will most likely be watched multiple times by viewers.

If you love the Lego franchise or just looking for a fun animated series to look at, you’ll want to saddle up and ride into the adventure that is Lego: Nexo Knights: Season One. Despite a lack of special features, it’s filled with plenty of laughs, action, and even a bit of drama in the right places to make this a DVD piece you’ll want to build your collection with (the Lego puns keep coming).

About the Author: Chris Mitchell