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The Lego Batman Movie (4K Blu-ray)
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The Lego Batman Movie (4K Blu-ray)

Not as awesome as The Lego Movie, but has enough bat-fun for families.

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I was one of the few that went into  The Lego Movie thinking it would just be “okay” and came out loving it as it quickly became one of my all-time favorite films. The movie also set a fairly high bar for any Lego-based features to come after it, which leads us to The Lego Batman Movie making it to the 4K UHD market just as the previous movie did. While not as awesome as the first movie, there’s still enough laughs and charm here to make a trip to the Lego Batcave a fun treat for families.

For those wanting to know the plot details and more, but sure to take a look at Chris Pandolfi’s review of his theatrical version experience. Here, I’ll cover my take on it and the special features that almost outdo the movie. While I can definitely understand where Chris is coming from in his review, I actually did enjoy watching this film, though nowhere as much as I did with The Lego Movie. It was as though they tried too hard to make things funny and it just falls into “Hit or Miss” territory that often misses more than it hits. Despite this, there are some pretty touching moments that redeem it such as Batman learning how to overcome his fear of losing anyone close to him in order to get along with others. This part of the film (along with Will Arnett as Batman) is without a doubt its greatest quality and made me wished they focused more on that and then let the comedy fall into place around that.

At least I can say it looks absolutely gorgeous in 4K UHD and HDR. If ever a film needed High Dynamic Range, it’s this one, as it’s one of the most colorful features I’ve ever seen. Colors both literally and figuratively pop off the screen and into your eyes that only this range could bring out, which makes for a perfect test disc for your 4K HDR theater setup. I also love how the Ultra High Definition brings out all the details of the characters (you can see the textures of the Lego pieces and toys) and then some, and the Dolby ATMOS sound makes sure you’re right in the middle of the brick-laying action.

Then there’s the special features that are a blast, starting with audio commentary by director Chris McKay and a load of the crew that worked on the movie. Here they discuss the painstaking details that went into making the feature, as well as fun bits of info that happened during filming. There’s also around thirty minutes of behind the scenes featurettes that are fun as well as a few deleted scenes to check out. Finally the best for last are four new animated shorts starring Lego Batman and his buds as they tackle new adventures with comedic effect only the Lego universe could provide.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but again it’s not quite up there with The Lego Movie, but The Lego Batman Movie has just enough going for it that fans and families will want to give it a look. The 4K visuals, amazing use of HDR, and the special features are worth the price of admission alone, but still you’ll want to check it out…you know…because it’s Batman.

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