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Legend of the Naga Pearls
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Legend of the Naga Pearls

Those who enjoy Chinese fantasy films will want these pearls cast before them.

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I have to admit it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good Chinese fantasy film, as I haven’t sat down and watched any good ones lately. Thanks to Well Go USA and their steady releases of awesome Chinese films, I was able to check out 2017’s Legend of the Naga Pearls. If you’re into fantasy films with nice amounts of action, you’ll want to get these pearls cast before you as soon as possible.

Long ago in a magical city called Uranopolis, there were beings known as the Winged Tribe who could fly and did great things to make a peaceful and happy life for themselves. Of course some normal humans didn’t like this and decided to go to war with them, causing the winged people to lose their power to fly. Some time later we enter the life of Xue Lie (Simon Yam), a descendant of the famed winged tribe who also happens to be royalty and begins a search for the legendary Naga Pearls which will give him the power to destroy all humans and avenge his tribe. Luckily some other folks are trying to get their hands on the pearls and end up becoming unlikely heroes consisting of Ni the thief (Darren Wang), Hei the constable (Zhang Tianai), and a human prince named Gali (Sheng Guansen). It’s up to them to overcome their differences and stop Xue Lie from destroying everything they hold dear or die trying to do so.

I found this to be a pretty fun and action-packed fantasy, not that I should be surprised as every Chinese made one I’ve seen always delivers the goods. Unlike most of the newer titles out there, the special effects and wire-fighting were actually pretty good in this movie, as I was a little worried before sitting down to watch. The actors and their characters are also fun to watch as they engage in bickering from time to time but end up forming a nice bond and play off each other nicely. The visual and audio side of things is great thanks to a Blu-ray release, as everything comes through nice even though sadly it lacks any special features.

Legend of the Naga Pearls is a great film for those who enjoy fantasy films whether it’s Chinese or not. A solid cast brings the fun characters to life while awesome martial arts action and special effects immerse viewers into a magical world that will keep them into this legend of a movie.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell